Match Centre

Cricket-21 Match Centre is a real time product that gives fans and spectators in-depth insight about the match during the course of live action. Along with commentary, it offers key dynamic stats (Bowler/Team Pitch Map, Batsman/Team Wagon Wheel, Batsman/team ShotZone), KPI (Batsman, Bowler & Fielding), Pressure Stats Index during any particular live match.

'Key Numbers for the match' is an aspect within Cricket-21 Match Centre that looks up historical data to determine the top three/four/five stats a team must focus on, in order to win the particular match, and tracks live data to compare their progress

The 'Momentum' feature tracks the match in real-time, plots the team performance on a timeline, capturing key performances and turning points, thus giving you an idea of the team which has the upper hand in the match.