Cricket-21 Fantasy Cricket

Cricket-21's Fantasy Cricket lets you to experience the passion and endure the nerve-racking aspect of international cricket, IPL etc. and not just as a fan. Create and manage your own squad, become an owner/coach and battle it out against other fantasy owners/coaches. As every match is completed, points are assigned to your players in your team based on their performance in international cricket, IPL etc.

Key Features

  • Rankings: Rankings are awarded to users based on their performance in Cricket-21's Fantasy cricket
  • Country-wise Leagues & Rankings: Individuals are automatically added to corresponding leagues based on the country of residence mentioned during the registration process. Separate Country rankings awarded to the individuals, in addition to the overall rankings.
  • Private Groups & Rankings: Allows the user to Create private groups, invite people, and allows other individuals to join. Separate group rankings are awarded to the individuals, in addition to the overall rankings and country rankings.
  • Player performance index & statistics: Individuals will be able to track the performance of the cricketers and will have access to the detailed statistics for each player based on their performances in the matches.
  • Follow all live games though our integrated live scorecard.
  • Schedule & results – Follow the schedule and result of all games.
  • Virtual Honor Roll
  • Facebook integration: All users to register using their Facebook accounts