Match Analysis
Team Performance Analysis Fielding Solutions

Cricket21 helps you analyze the complete performance of the teams, by breaking down all the entities of a game. We analyze, taking into consideration the past performances of the team. More..

Cricket21 focuses on various aspects of fielding that are involved in a match. It helps you analyze the overall performance of the fielders, and offers accurate and objective understanding of the fielder's performance. More..

Opposition Analysis Umpire Performance Analysis

Analysis of the team, individual aspects (Batting, Bowling & Fielding) and players. Study the strengths and weaknesses of individual players based on historic data, and formulate plans for each of the players in the opposition. More..

Cricket21 helps you track and examine the umpire's performance. It offers you a detailed report of all umpiring decisions along with videos, with specific statistics and filters which enables the umpire to improve and fine tune their decision making skills. More..

Cricket21 presents the pioneering match analysis software for your team's performance
analysis and opposition scouting requirements

The software offers interactive graphics and stats for:

  • In depth stats for the Match, Team and Individual
  • Tactical and technical preparation of the player
  • Graphical and statistical in-depth analysis of multiple games
  • Key Performance Index (KPI) monitoring
  • Goal setting and Target actual measurement