Academies, Schools and Colleges

Strategic Training and Performance Analysis

We provide coaching solutions for Academies, Schools & Colleges and Camps. Our solution package covers net and ground sessions, match scenario analysis. We also provide reference videos and drills to aid perfecting cricket skills.

Major features

In order to help the players learn better, Cricket21 provides advanced video tools that includes features such as

  • Zoom, Slow Motion
  • Dual capture and Split screen (2/4), which enables up to 4 reference videos to be viewed in the same time.
  • Sync, Reverse sync & Overlay
  • Drawing tools
  • Measurement tools to capture Time, Distance and Angle

Academies: Manage on the web

  • Allows you to upload and stream
  • Video Vaults
  • Capture scores across matches
  • Coach appraisal of players
  • Fitness programs and reports
  • Medical records
  • Development plans
  • Records repository